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Winter Springs Home Loans & Mortgage Lender

When you’re looking for new home mortgages or refinancing existing ones, consider Christensen Financial (CFI). We’re experts in lending in Winter Springs, Florida. If you’re planning on purchasing a new home in the area, our mortgage programs are the answer.

A Streamlined Mortgage Application Process

Our streamlined online loan application process allows you to apply online and check the status of your application using our website. We follow a specific approach to ensure your loan application is accurate and ready for approval faster:

  • First, you’ll have to complete the pre-qualification process.
  • After that, we’ll help you research the myriad choices of mortgage programs and rates.
  • Thoroughly complete and submit the online application.
  • Our experienced team processes your application and ensures that all information is accurate.
  • If needed, you’ll be able to submit any additional documentation by online upload. Our team pulls credit reports to ensure you have a sufficient credit score.
  • The property you’re purchasing or project you’re building will need necessary appraisal information.
  • The underwriting process happens, and that’s where the final decision happens.
  • Once the application is approved, it’s time for closing on the house.

We’re here to help, so whenever you run into a question, reach out. Our team understands the lending industry well and will help you get the mortgage needed to get you into your dream home.

Meet The Team

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Types of Loans CFI Offers in Winter Springs, FL

Finding the ideal loan doesn’t have to present a challenge. We have an entire range of loan options, including government-backed loans for people who qualify. Our whole online application process removes the guesswork from taking out a mortgage. Apply now online and buy your dream house quickly.

CFI has what you need when it comes to mortgage lending. If you’re looking to make a home purchase, we’ll help you decide which of our many loan programs is the best fit for you. Our loan products include:

  • Conventional loans
  • Veterans Affairs loans
  • Jumbo loans
  • Reverse mortgages
  • USDA loans
  • 30-year fixed mortgages
  • 15-year fixed mortgages
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage
  • State and local housing programs

CFI has loans of all sizes, including Jumbo Loans. If you’re looking at a high-end property, we can help. This year’s limit for these types of loans is $510,400 in most places and $765,600 in the highest cost neighborhoods.

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Need Help Crunching The Numbers?

Use our calculators to help you estimate how much you can afford on a new loan or what you could save with a refinance.

How Do I Know Which Mortgage Program Is Right for Me?

We get this question often. Here’s a quick rundown on some of our most popular mortgage offerings:

  • First-time homebuyers and veterans of the military are both eligible for government-backed loans. A government-backed loan is more likely to get approval because of the guarantee. Even more importantly, such loans come with a few advantages. First-time homebuyers may be eligible for zero down payment loans and also for a zero-interest one in some circumstances.
  • The VA assists veterans in securing homes. They financially back VA home loans so that vets pay lower interest rates and have relaxed down payment requirements. If you’re interested in either program, contact us for more information.

Interested in a fixed-rate mortgage? Lower fixed rates mean you pay less interest, and your monthly payments may undergo a significant reduction. That also ensures that you have a predictable monthly mortgage payment, which helps with budgeting.

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Are you the hands-on type? Get involved with your loan transaction in a whole new way with our powerful, simple to use mobile app.

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A Reputation for Excellence

Don’t waste time with Winter Springs mortgage companies who don’t go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our reputation is excellent among our clients because we always strive to help them fund their projects.

Find out why we’re the leading mortgage lender in the Winter Springs area. We make purchasing a new home as quick and painless as possible, and refinancing is also an option for anyone who wants to save on monthly payments.

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