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Frisco Home Loans & Mortgage Lender

Purchasing a home is exciting, and CFI is here to help with the mortgage loans you need. We handle many mortgage rates and products for new home constructions or home refinancing.

A streamlined loan process

If you’re purchasing a home or refinancing an existing property, our process for obtaining a home loan follows a streamlined workflow.

  • Start your customer journey with the pre-qualification process.
  • Delve into your choices of mortgage programs and rates.
  • Fill out and submit the online application.
  • Our team will process the app to ensure it’s accurate and ready for underwriting.
  • You can quickly submit any of the required documents online by uploading it to our website.
  • We’ll pull your credit scores to ensure they’re accurate.
  • The property will need necessary appraisal information.
  • The underwriting process is where the final decision happens.
  • Finally, once approved, it’s time for the closing!

That’s our method for determining which mortgage is best for you and whether you qualify. Don’t forget to submit your documentation fast to get the quickest possible approval.

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Apply online to save time

With our online mortgage application process, it’s easy to check your application status. You can check the website and update your status instantly. With CFI, you know where you stand and can always upload a document when necessary or download documents to print. When you’re trying to get ready for a move as well as taking care of your everyday responsibilities, that extra convenience is a must!

Save time and money and get the loan you need. Frisco, Texas, is the place to be, and owning a home helps you build equity while providing your family with a safe place to live.

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Need Help Crunching The Numbers?

Use our calculators to help you estimate how much you can afford on a new loan or what you could save with a refinance.

Loans CFI offers in Frisco, TX

You’ll appreciate our wide selection of mortgage products, which include a solution for just about every situation. It’s easy to apply online to begin the loan application process. Everything starts with a prequalification, so it pays to start right away.

Here are the loans you can choose from at CFI:

  • Conventional Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • 30-Year Fixed Mortgages
  • 15-Year Fixed Mortgages
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
  • USDA Loans
  • VA Loans
  • State and Local Housing Programs

With our comprehensive selection of loan products, we have what you need. Contact one of our friendly reps now if you want more information about which loan product is best. We’re experts in Frisco real estate, so our team will have a solution for you in no time.

Download Our Mobile App

Are you the hands-on type? Get involved with your loan transaction in a whole new way with our powerful, simple to use mobile app.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5

Many Mortgage Loan Products Available

If you qualify for either a USDA or VA loan, you may be eligible for special terms and rates. Generally, these programs apply to military veterans and first-time home buyers. If you’re in either group, you have many benefits. Depending on your qualifications and eligibility, you may even be able to receive home financing with no down payment.

For everyone else, there are still many excellent loan products available.

People who are looking to refinance their Frisco homes can cut their loan payments significantly. If you can get a reduction in interest, it will put money directly back into your pocket every month. It’s a good deal, and it doesn’t take much effort to find out if you qualify. Apply online and see how we can help you get a much better mortgage loan than your current one.

With over 20 nationwide branch offices, CFI is proud to offer consumers a wide selection of home mortgages. Don’t delay if you’re looking to build a new home. New construction builds are custom and provide you with every feature you want. CFI even works directly with builders, and we’re flexible with our loan programs.

From fixed-rate loans through government-backed lending programs, CFI has a solution for everyone. Start your application process today to secure financing at an affordable rate.

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