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Are You Buying A Home? Christensen Financial has been helping home buyers like yourself get the right mortgage for over 15 years.

When buying a home, let our team of experts help guide you through the home loan process. Our goal is getting you the right purchase loan to fit your needs while requiring less paperwork and more personal attention for a frustration-free loan - from application to closing. We have redefined the purchase loan process to make it as smooth, simple and speedy as possible. We might even have a little fun along the way. Oh, the benefits of being a part of the CFI family!

As a home buyer, there are many options when it comes to buying a home. Between the types of loans available, and negotiating your rates and payment options, finding the most suitable home loan takes some work. You need a team of experienced professionals who have your best interests — and not a commission — in mind.

At Christensen Financial, our goal is to find you the best home loan with the most competitive rate and terms, so you can move in sooner with less effort. Let us help you navigate the unpredictable housing market, and provide you with the safety, security, and peace of mind that comes with closing your loan quickly. The first step is to fill out the "Get Started" form on the right. From there, our loan experts will be there to make sure you get the right loan to make your home purchase dreams reality.

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