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Are you a first time home buyer who’s looking for help with applying for a mortgage? Or maybe you’re a proud member of our Armed Forces who’s ready to use your VA loan? There are plenty of home buying options out there, and it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to applying for a loan. You’ve made the smart decision to buy your own home, and we are here to help you make it happen.

Mortgage Programs: Which Is Right for You?

Whatever your mortgage loan needs are, we can help you find the best program for you. We work with conventional loans, FHA, and VA loan programs. For our first time buyers, let’s talk about getting cash assistance to put towards your down payment. All of our loan officers understand the requirements needed for each of our loan programs, and we will make sure that we match you with the most financially beneficial loan for you.

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Getting Ready to Apply for a Mortgage

Before you fill out loan information, it’s a good idea to gather all of your pertinent documents in one place. Otherwise, you may have to delay completing your application while you search for information. You’ll need:

  • Income information such as pay stubs
  • Tax records
  • Financial information such as a list of your debts and bank accounts
  • Pertinent records such as bankruptcy information, inheritance documents or investment records.


While not all of these documents will be asked for by the underwriter, it’s better to have easy access to them if you need them.

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Need Help Crunching The Numbers?

Use our calculators to help you estimate how much you can afford on a new loan or what you could save with a refinance.

Pre-qualifying for a Mortgage Loan

The first step to getting your home loan is to go through the pre-qualifying process. When you are pre-qualified for a loan amount, then you’ll be given an idea about what you’ll be able to borrow when the time comes to get your mortgage loan. It’s a good first step because the loan company will also alert you to any income deficiencies or negative credit files, so you can alleviate these problems before moving to the next step.

Once you’ve been pre-approved you can move on to the loan application. If you run into any issues, just contact us for help. We are ready to answer any questions and to help you move forward with buying your new home.

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Are you the hands-on type? Get involved with your loan transaction in a whole new way with our powerful, simple to use mobile app.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5

Next Steps in the Mortgage Process

When your application is complete and you’ve checked that all of the information is correct, then it will be verified by a loan processor who will look at your employment history, income and creditworthiness. 

Every loan applicant wants to hear the good news that they’ve been approved, but if there are any issues, we’ll assist you in resolving them. It’s our goal to get you into your dream home as soon as possible, so we’re proactive in keeping your application moving. Once your loan has been reviewed by the loan processor, it’s time to get an appraisal on the home you want to buy. 

Home appraisers make sure that there is enough value in the property compared to other home values in the area. If the appraisal matches the mortgage loan amount requested, then the loan should move to the next step. Finally, the underwriter will look at the file and make a determination. If the loan is approved, then you’ll receive a contract to sign. 

Take your time and review the contract closely. We’ll go over the contract with you to ensure that you understand it. Once you approve and sign your contract, attend the closing and pay the closing fees, the deed to the home will be transferred and you’ll get the keys to your new home. 

Now that you understand the different parts of the mortgage application process, contact us to get started buying your Bradenton home!

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